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vSoup Discuss JumpSquares on their Podcast & More

Ed Czerwin (@eczerwin), Chris Dearden(@chrisdearden), and Christian Mohn (@h0bbel) have an addicting podcast called vSoup. vSoup focuses on day to day IT operations and virtualization from the trenches. Each of the guys are respected bloggers and faces in the community.


This past week during their 40th episode, they talked a bit about my latest project JumpSquares. Christian gives a good overview and talks about how he uses the appliance based model in his environment because it doesn't have direct internet access. Remember, there is also the SaaS based version at that I encourage you to use.


The guys talked about using a tool such as nmap to go out and fetch machines on the network to quickly populate your JumpSquares. It's a great idea and I'll try to begin working on that in the next few weeks after I take another CCNP exam so my CCNA doesn't expire. If you have any more suggestions or feature requests, I'm always open to hearing about them.


vSoup Episode #40 - General Purple is better than Agent Purple Any Day [ 52:17 ] Hide Player | Play in Popup | Download (161)


Here are the show notes:


Yay, we turned 40. Collectively that is.

For the first recording in 2014, we do it like the last time; Three guys hosting, no guests. Except for General Purple that is.

Other than that, we talk a bit about Chris’ career change, business travel, hypervisor footprints, Windows Server Clusters and filer appliances. Also, does virtual appliances add or reduce complexity?

Kendrick Coleman’s JumpSquares, his very own cloudy thing, and we might have a suggestion or two for it as well.

Oh, and some of us has found an F-ing cool tool too.


In addition to this great press, one of the great VMware bloggers, Vladan SEGET, put out a new post Online Bookmarks for admin pages of your devices, labs or datacenters – Appreciate the bump!





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