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JumpSquares v1.3 - Getting Pretty

You don't know what JumpSquares is by now? Shame on you! Get to and watch the video intro! Or you can read my in-depth blog post.


So what's new in version 1.3? Not a whole lot of functionality, but a heck of a lot of eye candy.



Changed the homepage to include a few kudos from my friends @JohnnieITatDell, @herseyc, and @vNelsonTX. I appreciate the kind words fellas! I hope you don't mind me plastering your face on my website for my own personal gain :). Do you want your face on the homepage? Tweet me something nice to @KendrickColeman.



Changed all the buttons to reflect a more uniform color palette.  It looks much better than it did before

Implemented a BUNCH of glyphicons. These are essentially simple icons but give the layout a much better look. You will notice these everywhere. From the menu bar, to the forms, settings pages, as well as the JumpSquares themselves.


On the JumpSquares, I have removed the words "edit" and "remove" and replaced them with glyphicons that will change size depending on the size you have configured for your JumpSquare. I have also removed the additional break lines that created bigger squares. Hopefully you can cram more onto mobile devices now.


Hopefully you like the changes. If you want to see more, please shoot me any feature requests and I'll work on getting it implemented.




If you have the appliance version and want to update, follow the steps located here on the main page

Wiki Appliance Version:

  • SSH or console into the jumpsquares appliance
    • default username is 'root' and password is 'jump123'
  • Change to the var/www/jumpsquares directory
    • cd /var/www/jumpsquares
  • Do a git pull to bring down the latest changes from the repository
    • git pull
      • If you get an message talking about Gemfile.lock and needing to stash it, run this command
      • git stash
      • after stashing locally, run git pull again and it should pull everything down correctly.
  • Assuming you don't have any localized code changes, there will be no need to reset the 'head'
  • We need to keep the gems up to date
    • bundle install
    • bundle update
  • Most new features are going to require some type of database additions so we need to make those changes
    • rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=appliance-production
  • Now you have the most up to date version of JumpSquares. You can reboot if you want but it's not necessary.
  • **If you downloaded this appliance BEFORE 1/9/14, then you need reboot. Don't know why. If you downloaded it after 1/9/14, you are up to date
    • reboot


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