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Intel & AMD vGPU Not Supported in vSphere 5.5

I'm currently drafting a TOI for vSphere 5.5 and I'm going over every new feature in vSphere 5.5.


In the VMware vSphere 5.5 What's New PDF, it clearly states:

"vSphere 5.1 was the first vSphere release to provide support for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics—virtualgraphics processing unit (vGPU)—inside of a virtual machine. That support was limited to only NVIDIA-based GPUs. With vSphere 5.5, vGPU support has been expanded to include both Intel- and AMD-based GPUs. Virtual machines with graphic-intensive workloads or applications that typically have required hardware-based GPUs can now take advantage of additional vGPU vendors, makes and models. See the VMware Compatibility Guide for details on supported GPU adapters."


Upon reviewing the Compatibility Guide, only NVIDIA is supported on vSphere 5.1. Nothing has yet to be updated for vSphere 5.5




Search Results: Your search for "IO Devices" returned 2 results.
Brand NameModelDevice TypeSupported Releases
ESXi 5.1

ESXi 5.1


I then stumbled upon this VMware Communities thread Is there Anyone who know what kind of GPU(Intel or AMD based) supported in vSphere 5.5?

The thread was closed by a VMware Employee by the handle of Linjo and he states:

"...Intel GPU:s are not supported in vSphere 5.5. There was a typo in the Whats new-deck."


No reports as of yet on supportability of AMD, but if I had to guess, it's in the same boat as Intel.


So if you plan on doing a VDI roll-out with graphics use, read it over.


Update. Looks like AMD has some supported pieces and NVIDIA has expanded: Hardware and software requirements for running AMD and NVIDIA GPUs in vSphere 5.5 (2058778)


Hardware requirements

  • AMD

    • FirePro S7000 /S9000/S10000
    • FirePro v7800P/V9800P


    • Grid K1 and K2
    • Quadro 4000/5000/6000
    • Tesla M2070Q

Software requirements

  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 virtual machines:

    • VMware Horizon View 5.x or later
    • vSphere Client or VMware Workstation client

  • Linux virtual machines with the vmwgfx driver:
    • Fedora 10 or later or Ubuntu 12 or later
    • vSphere Clients or VMware Workstation clients

Note: Linux virtual machines do not include Horizon View support.


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