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I've encountered a new problem and only found a little bit of help online


I am going through the process of moving our storage. When you do a storage VMotion you cannot migrate storage if there are snapshots.  I had one machine that had snapshots so I had to delete them. During the deletion process, the VirtualCenter Server froze up and killed the deletion process. After I logged back into Virtual Center, I noticed these 2 files sitting in the directory




I migrated the storage and after migration these two file were left behind. The google search didn't leave me with many results except for, which of course is german. Here is the translated version.

I still did not feel 100% certain that I wouldn't have any problems so I moved these files using cut/paste into the virtual machines new storage on a different LUN. I will have to move the storage once again, so if these files are left behind one more time, then I will delete them and update this entry.


*UPDATE* I deleted these files and its all good. so no worries peeps!

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