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VCE Vision Online Simulator Goes Public For Developers

As a n00bie developer myself, it was pretty cool to see this in my mail this morning. The development team at VCE has created a public instance so developers don't have to roll their own appliance or use a production instance of Vision. Picture this, VMware creates an online version of vCenter so you can interact with the API without ever having to deploy something. That's exactly what we did but with VCE Vision. If you don't know what VCE Vision here.


Go here to see all the details for the VCE Vision Simulator As A Service...

VCE is delighted to provide developers with access to several online and shared instances of the Vision Intelligent Operations Simulator.  These are intended to assist developers who want to build solutions that integrate with the Vision Intelligent Operations APIs.   Simulators for all six models of Vblock Infrastructure Systems enable developers to access the APIs provided by VCE Vision Software including: SNMP GETs against the supported MIB modules, REST access according to the published schemas, and AMQP access to test message subscriptions.   You can access the Simulators at the addresses listed below and by utilizing the associated login credentials.  Please note that for security reasons, the passwords will be changed on a monthly basis and posted on this web page.


Please remember that access is shared and therefore controls have been implemented to limit the connections from any single developer.  Further, developers will not have full access to all of the capabilities of a live real Vision Intelligent Operations system library running on a physical Vblock Infrastructure Platform.   This means that there is no Syslog stream and any AMQP messages received will be generated by the applications accessing the Simulator.  In other words, your calls to the Vision Software API may result in AMPQ events being sent to other developers using the simulator. This also means that you may receive AMQP events generated by other developers accessing the same Simulator at the same time as you.


Passwords will be changed on a monthly basis so please check this page often for updates.


Note: When accessing the online Simulators using the SDK java binding, please make sure you are using the latest SDK available through the VCE Software Download Center.

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