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"Build a Vblock" MidLevel Tool v3 Released

One of the tools I created and maintain within VCE is the Vblock Systems MidLevel Tool. I blogged about its 2.0 release back in August of 2013.


You can download it in the following places:


What's new in v3:

  • Updated Vblock 100 components for new refresh
  • Updated Vblock 200 components for refresh
  • Added AMP2
  • Added new Management Network Layer for Vblock 3x0 and 7x0 since AMP2 removes management switches
  • Removed Vblock 320
  • Added Vblock 340 to represent new components and optional bandwidth enhancements
  • Added Vblock 3x0 & 7x0 Virtualization layer for VMware VDS
  • Added Vblock Specialized System for Extreme Applications
  • Added Vblock Specialized System for High Performance Databases
  • Added Vblock Specialized System for SAP HANA


Make sure you read the directions on those portals because this multi-layered PDF MUST be opened with Adobe Acrobat and requires printer drivers on both Mac andPC to save a view correctly.


Older 2.0 version video but still relevant:


New screenshot:


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