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Fill out a Bracket for vMadness & Win!

This is the tech world and I know not many are into college basketball but there definitely a few who are, me included (Go UK!).


Let's all join this group and talk some trash. Go to and fill out a bracket!


Doesn't cost anything to join (except maybe a few spam emails from Yahoo!) but this is all in good fun. You can also go ahead and fill out a bracket for the billion dollar challenge as well from Yahoo!.


The winner will get something. I'm not sure what it will be yet. But I know I've got a few books and some trainsignal DVDs sitting around that could use a good home.


So c'mon, join in the fun and fill out a bracket! Picks MUST BE LOCKED BY THURSDAY SO DO IT QUICK! I don't care if you are at work. I know you're boss is filling out brackets anyway.


Good Luck!!

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