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Spending Habits This Week - 6/17/08

I am usually a huge stickler with my money. I hate spending it. If I could align myself with a time period I can see myself as a hunter and gatherer.  Most of my hard earned money goes towards bills, bars, and savings/investments.  I needed a few things, pehaps wanted, so I bit the bullet.



1. Thompson Cigar Humidor

I am recently getting into cigars. I bought this sampler pack from Mikes Cigars a few weeks ago.  It's got 8 fairly decent cigars.  I have smoked 3 of them so far and am really impressed with the Montecristo and La Gloria Cubana.  I liked them so much that I ordered my Dad this same pack for Father's day.  After the next paycheck I'm going to buy another pack to throw in my new humidor.  I did a bit of research before buying my humidor.  Instead of 'going for it', I bought a brand name cigar humidor because I didn't want to end up buying one that didn't have Spanish cedar.

 2. Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter

Like I said, cigars are going to be my thing.  Every afficianado needs a nice cigar cutter

 3. Footjoy Contour Series Golf Shoes

This is Kenny's summer of golf. Having already purchased a new set of golf clubs, I still needed the shoes.  I have been waiting around for the right auction and finally got it.  The shoes MSRP for $110 on  It's not the ideal color, but I can't disagree with the price I paid for brand new golf shoes.  Now hopefully these will help out my slice.

 4. gift certificate


I haven't taken Lauen out to dinner in a long time so I figured I owe her one. I used the coupon code SIZZLING on to get 50% off my order.  I bought a $25 gift cert to Macca'a Florida Seafood Grill and Bar. I did a little research on Macca's from  After reading their review I'm excited to see how dinner will be this Friday. 

Everything purchased online is done on my Amex card for many reasons.

1. Any sort of warranty purchase on an item automatically doubles the warranty

2. Amex customer service about disuputes is unbelieveable so if anything ever goes wrong, Amex takes care of me.

Needless to say, all of these were purchased on my Amex card, so now it's time to pay off the card tomorrow.