2010 Makers Mark Bottle Signing w/ John Calipari


I got my 2010 Makers Mark Commemorative Bottle signed this morning at Keeneland by John Calipari (University of Kentucky head basketball coach), Bill Samuels (CEO of Makers Mark), and the CEO of Keeneland Race Track. I was lucky enough to get one of 24000 bottles and fortunate enough to be one of only 1200 people to get the bottle signed. My bottle number is 2576 and my place in line was number 233. John Calipari and Bill Samuels are both great guys and they each responded when I said "Thanks Coach" and "I appreciate it Bill". Thanks to Keeneland for being somewhat organized and all the effort that goes into planning. Good luck to the Cats in the 2011 season. On On U of K. Click Read More to see the Video

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A few thoughts... 6-11-2009

After I was released from my job 3 weeks ago, I felt pretty bad. A few tweets and a blog entry later, I had fellow twitter folk calling me about opportunities. I immediately started sending out resumes for postings on Dice.com, but one in particular on careerbuilder.com. There was only ONE network engineer position that needed VMware experience in the whole city of Louisville. I submitted my resume on Tuesday, received a call on Wednesday for an interview on Thursday, did so well that I came in for a second interview on Friday and received a verbal offer Friday night. Needless to say, my spirits were incredibly high for only being unemployed for 4 days. In our current economy, not many people are this lucky.

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Engineer For Sale!


Yesterday, I was laid off from my job as a network engineer. I have been fortunate enough to live in an era unlike no other. I've recieved tons of kind words and even possible job leads through twitter. Over the past 2 years, I've used twitter to network with Cisco routing pros, VMware engineers, and network/application security nuts like myself plus tons of other great people. With one tweet I generated a little bit of a stir in my little realm. It's been great so far talking to people who are in my field and I'm connecting with more and more every day. Being a part of a social network is almost vital in this day. I would have never of personally gotten in touch with so many people so fast in my whole entire life if it wasn't for this micro-blogging site. That being said, I'm for sale!! I consider myself to be a Network and Virtualization Professional with some security holes to patch up along the way.

Heres a few things that you won't see on my resume:

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Winter Storm '09

Winter Storm '09

So this has been 2 semi-horrible weeks. 

It all started last Tuesday, 01/27/09. The storm approaches. You know it's going to be a bad storm when the cities 2nd largest employer, Humana, has called off operations. Everything goes fine for the rest of the day and night

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Kappa Sigma has been condemned

I miss my old fraternity. I really had some of the best times of my life at Kappa Sigma. About 3 days ago, word spread like wildfire that the house was deemed unsafe to occupy. It truly is a sad day, but anyone that has lived there in the past 30 years knows that the lodge was bound for it. It's been a long time coming and now something needs to be done. I hope that the young men that hold the future of my old fraternity get the ball rolling to get a new house (something that has been on the plate for 10 years now). If you're an old alumni reading this, come to Lexington in the spring for the Alumni Banquet. I went last year and had an amazing time, you can see for yourself the fraternity is as strong as ever and will only continue to grow with your support.



To watch WKYT video click the read more button..


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Go to water parks early - 07/07/2008

On Saturday July 5th, Lauren and I went to Kentucky Kingdom's Hurricane Bay or whatever it's called now. Splash Mountain maybe? Anyway, I had an epiphany while I was there. Call me snobby if you want, but it was one of the only times I couldn't stand to be around people any longer.  I felt like I was thrown into a world of people that had never given their kids a lesson in manners, bathing, or public etiquette and conduct. Born in Ohio, I moved to KY at a relatively early age and always considered myself to be a true Kentucky boy. I still love Kentucky and everything about it, but I started recognizing the Kentucky stereotypes

There were two particular moments that made me just look back in awe. 

1. Lauren and I were waiting in line for a water slide when a kid, perhaps 10 years old, (we could tell he had ADHD or some sort of disability) tried to get by the couple behind us by saying "Excuse Me". This couple must have spotted him from afar because the lady asked, "Is your Mom up there?" and the kid just stood there silent. 

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Spending Habits This Week - 6/17/08

I am usually a huge stickler with my money. I hate spending it. If I could align myself with a time period I can see myself as a hunter and gatherer.  Most of my hard earned money goes towards bills, bars, and savings/investments.  I needed a few things, pehaps wanted, so I bit the bullet.


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I'm on WHAS11.COM FrontPage 5/29/2008

I get a call to my office from Brooke and Vernoica, "Kenny, you know your face is plastered on the front page of WHAS11.com don't you?"

Umm, What?

click read more to see the front page!

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