If I Ruled VMware...

or atleast for a day

By: Kendrick Coleman | @KendrickColeman

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The Shift...The Way I See It

2010: The VMware Knowledge Cram

2012: Private Cloud & Automation

2014: Application Portability

vs /

so... where do you want that LUN provisioned?

What Happens When The Developers Are In Charge?

Disruption is easier than ever

  • public cloud is the new datacenter
  • open-source software allows speed to market
  • community is the new tech support
  • the overall cost is much cheaper

Every industry is impacted

The New Customer Experience

  • free access to software
  • can run it anywhere
  • working within 30 minutes
  • integrated with existing tool sets
  • active support communites (GitHub, StackOverflow)

What do we have today?

Every VMware product is a pet (except ESXi)

The loss of vCenter is detrimental

var windowsOnly = "Powershell";
windowsOnly.substr(windowsOnly.length - 4);
# => "hell"

There hasn't been an easily consumable API... until v6

Caters to P2 and Pet applications

How did we get here?

vCenter is built on a combo of 20+ Languages

Rapid growth & adoption which means production

Docker + VMware

== Better Together || Containers without Compromise

...you sure about that? more like a necessity
(source: VentureBeat)

The Threat Is Real...

Open-Source Software is ruling the eco-system...not licenses

“If VMware released ESXi today, it would have been open source.” --Adrian Cockcroft thecloudcast

The Threat Is Real...

VMware was the only game in town then OSS & competitive offerings such as Hyper-V & KVM added pressure

The reality is... the cattle don't need VMware


  1. Open Source ESXi
    • new avenues of innovation
    • wider-spread adoption
    • xen, hyper-v, kvm killer

because... VMware sued in Hamburg, Germany court for failure to comply with the GPL on Linux 3/5/15


  1. Follow Open Database Standards
    • Follow vCVA with PostgreSQL
      1. nice extensions like JSON, GIS, OLAP, Full Text Indexing
      2. more standards compliant & open than mySQL
      3. can be a NoSQL store & message queue
    • move away... far away from microsoft dependencies
    • look towards the NoSQL route like mongodb or cassandra
      1. scale
      2. memory-cache
      3. write later


  1. Integrate a Container Management Project...fast


  1. Refactor it all into 12-factor apps
    • if it can't run in a container, start over
    • microservice architecture
    • horizontal scalability


  1. Make Containers 1st Class Citizens in vCloud Air
    • CoreOS & Project Atomic in the Public Catalog
    • reduce friction with container deployment
    • reduce friction with externally facing containers
“The book about how developers took over the world”

thank you

By: Kendrick Coleman | @KendrickColeman

replay @ http://www.kendrickcoleman/slides/rulevmware