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Highly Available & Distributed Containers - Video and Presentation at ContainerCon 2016

I was a presenter at ContainerCon 2016 and the folks wrote an article covering it: Marrying Ephemeral Docker Containers to Persistent Data. I must say, I'm sort of aside myself since I've now been published on!


Read the article for the entire to get the insight of my entire talk:

Many of today's “Containers-in-production" Applications are ephemeral and have a short life-span. However, enterprises want Containers to run more tiered Applications. Learn how to scale a typical 3-tier app using Swarm, serve a persistent Database with Docker Volume drivers and tie them all together on a single private network with libNetwork. Then watch the automated recovery of stateful Containers during a real-life HA (highly-available) scenario. Containers are ready to overtake the virtual machine as the next unit of infrastructure.

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Watch the Video:


And download the PowerPoint slides:

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