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How to Fix ScreenFlow Internal Error When Recording Computer Audio

Yesterday, I wanted to record a few minutes out of an embedded HTML5 video but didn't want to cut and edit the video. So I figured I would just use ScreenFlow to capture it. Before I was able to record computer audio, I had to install the ScreenFlow Audio Driver. I followed the proper steps, and when I went to record computer audio I was hit with the error: "Recording Error Due to an internal error, the recording has unexpectedly terminated. Please try making your recording again, and if problems persist, contact us for technical support."


After a quick google search showing me a few youtube videos and Telestream forum posts, including 4.5.2 Wont Update Audio Driver, none of them worked. By the way, don't follow 4.5.2 Wont Update Audio Driver thread and repair disk permissions unless you want to waste your time.


After reading how to uninstall the ScreenFlow Audio Driver did I finally understand how to reverse engineer it. Follow these steps:



1. Close ScreenFlow. Better yet, to make sure none of the .plists are in memory, reboot your Mac.


2. Verify /System/Library/Extensions/TelestreamAudio.kext DOES NOT EXIST. If it does, then this will probably not work for you. I discovered that the TelestreamAudio-4.5.2.pkg installation process never installs this file. So we will manually install it ourselves.


3a. Download my zipped version of TelestreamAudio.kext and unpackage it. 



3b. Download unpkg and extract TelestreamAudio-4.5.2.pkg.

a. Drag the TelestreamAudio-4.5.2.pkg on to the unpkg executable


b. This will create a directory called TelestreamAudio-4.5.2 wherever unpkg is executed. I executed this program on my desktop to this folder was created there. Inside you will have two directories for a Signed and Unsigned file



4. Within the TelestreamAudioDriverSigned folder, copy and paste the TelestreamAudio.kext to /System/Library/Extensions/


5. You will probably end up with an error that says something like "TelestreamAudio.kext was not installed correctly. Please reinstall it". Do just exactly that. Re-run TelestreamAudio-4.5.2.pkg and follow the installation procedure. After that, you should be able to record computer audio

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