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Halloween on Hillcrest 2012

Not a tech post, just FYI :)


I know i'm a day late, but i figured you wanted to see all the good stuff. As many of you are probably aware, I'm a pretty big halloween fanatic. I moved into my house about 4 years ago and began accumulating more and more decor. I never would have found an exciting hobby like this if it wasn't for the neighborhood I live in. You know how some streets or neighborhoods go all out with christmas lights? Well, our street does that for Halloween each year. It's one of the largest neighborhood gatherings in the US and it takes place right here in Louisville, KY. It's called Halloween on Hillcrest. It's a big deal to the residents who partake in the fun. So much so, that this year we had somewhere between 1500-2000 trick-or-treaters. Yes, you read that correctly, over one thousand and five hundred. This years festivities were not as big as the previous years, but that is perfectly fine by me. We needed it to soften  just a little bit. Besides, the real fun is 2 weeks leading up to Halloween when friends and family come over and we can just have a beer on the porch. The night of Halloween is pure chaos and handing out candy is like being in an assembly line.


Without futher ado, here are some pictures. This is a public facebook link so all 150+ pictures should be viewable. the first 70-80 are houses on the street, the 2nd half are from Halloween night. My house is the "torture chamber" theme so it won't be hard to miss. Hope everyone had a fun and safe halloween!


2012 Halloween on Hillcrest Decorations

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