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Advice from 25 Experts on Getting Started with Javascript

This might be shameless self-promotion, but I was recently contacted to give a statement as an "Expert" on Javascript. The question was "What are the best methods or resources for learning Javascript?". Oddly enough, I wouldn't consider myself an expert (by no stretch) and I think my AirPair post on How to Create a Complete Express.js + Node.js + MongoDB CRUD and REST Skeleton has gained significant attention.


Check out what others have said in's post Learn JavaScript: The best methods and resources according to 25 JavaScript experts


Here is some advice from myself:


Kendrick Coleman


Kendrick Coleman

The best way to learn JavaScript is to start with a front-end programming course. This could be in a class room setting or with online courses such as Learning to manipulate the DOM gives you a better understanding of how to use JavaScript to make things happen. After you have your feet wet, it's time to jump head first into Node.js. There are lots of different places to learn Node.js online and each one of them are good in their own regard. Figure out some sort of basic script you want to do first that doesn't require a web stack. This will teach you about callbacks. Once you have standard server-side scripting in your arsenal, you can move to web frameworks such as express.js, meteor.js, and more!


It seems as if most of the authors have a general consensus that you shouldn't start out with frameworks like Angular.js or Meteor.js. Like all things in life, start from the bottom and work your way up.

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