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Tweeting Photo Booth using Node.js for EMC World 2015

Copy/Pasta from The Tweeting Photo Booth on the EMC {code} Blog



The months leading up to a big conference is usually when the ideas need to start churning. @gracelyb had an idea for a unique way to keep people entertained while showcasing some technologies from EMC as well as showing how it can integrate with APIs from different companies. That’s where the EMC {code} Photo Booth originated.


The Photo Booth is a MEN (minus the A) stack application using MongoDB, Express.js, and Node.js. This seemed like the perfect architecture because it needed to be a semi-scalable web app that can hold a couple thousand documents/records. In addition, it needed to be built in a way that things happen in the background without breaking the flow. The non-blocking format of Node.js fit the mold perfectly.


This was actually an extremely fun project to tackle because it really allowed me to touch every end of the stack from front to back. To make it all happen there is more than just Node and Express, but there’s jQuery, AJAX, Amazon SES (simple email service) API, Twitter API, Constant Contact API, EMC ECS S3 API, and even more javascript.


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My latest project - s3motion

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“Object” is common place in new applications and many vendors are offering this new generation of object-based storage. The one thing that has made object storage so successful is the lowest common denominator of S3. You may know it as Simple Storage Service from AWS, but Amazon has followed a simple REST based approach that many vendors just refer to as “S3 Storage”. There are many S3 compatible storage vendors such as Cleversafe, RiakCS, Ceph, vCloud Air Object Storage, and, of course, EMC ViPR and EMC ECS. Each vendor uses a similar API structure to follow Amazon’s S3 service.


Many people start their object storage journey using AWS, but at some point must look at other alternatives for cost and/or security. The piece that was missing is the ability to migrate objects from one S3 compatible service to another. This is where s3motion plays that crucial role.


s3motion is a combination of both a CLI tool and REST based microservice that can upload/download/copy/migrate objects between local filesystems and S3 storage or between S3 compatible storage systems.

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